Wednesday, 3 April 2013

meth where is it made

Side Effects

Meth can increase heart rate, raise body temperature and induce uncontrollable movements like twiching. It also has appetite supressing properties and can make the user paranoid, excited and violent.

Meth users will often have unpleasand body odour and their skin will turn yellowish. Behaviroural effects include:



-Lack of sleep

-Excessive excitation and talking


-False sence of confidence

-Violent behaviour

-Convulsions and body tremmors

-Lack of appetite



Long term effects

-Brain damage

-Kidney and lung disorders

-Liver damage


-Extreme weight loss




When the user stops taking the drug they feel sick, depressed and guilty. The user has to keep taking meth to eliminate unpleasant feelings and feel normal.



Since users will develop a tolerance to Meth really quickly, users begin to take several doses in a row to maintain the feeling of being high and avoid withdrawal. Users will go on periods of heavy use known as binges when users stop eating and sleeping. Those who inject will inject as much as a gram of crystal meth every 2 - 3 hours for days in arow until they can no longer function or their supply of the drug is exhausted.



Effects on the brain

Meth can cause neurological problems like motor skills and verbal memory impairment. Researchers at the UCLA found that meth users' brains had brain damage and swollen nerve fibers. This caused participants in the study to have memory problems and drepression.


Where is it made?

Meth is made in meth labs, and these are usually located in Car trunks, RV's, Motel rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors or anywhere you can think of.

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