Monday, 21 January 2013

Google Analytics

Google analytics helps me be able to find how many people are visitng my site. Google analytics is a tool that allows me to know whats going on towards my media site even if its a blog or a twitter or a facebook page. Google analtyics helps me find the relationship between page views , visits and visitors.  Gooogle anaytisis only as use ful depending on how many vistors to your blog. The more visitors the more info there is to track for you. Google analytics is almost like a giant commputer calculator. Goole analytics can help you decide if your blog is working or how well its getting noticed.

 Here are five questions that im going to use google analytics to help answer them.

(1) What s the bounce rate?
 the percentage of people  that land on your site and leave without visitig a second page. Its basically  to see if you meet the expecatations  of the veiwer or if its too boring or irrlevant to the reader. my bounce rate is 100%.

(5) where are my views located
My views are just from canada right now.

6.What is your most popular blog?
My career goals was the most popular blog. Im using google analytics to determine this.My time duration is 2:00 right now. I had 3 page views. 

(7) What is your least popular blog?
My  least popular blog is the welcome blog. I dont really understand why that is considering you would think people would want to know alittle bit about the persons blog thier viewing. I guess people just care more what you have to say then who is saying it. My time duration is 0:00 and i have no pageviews.

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